11 7 / 2013

  1. livingintraffic said: I’m so excited and happy for you. What a wonderful new chapter. I know it’s scary. But you’ll be magnificent. Xoxox
  2. bobasmithey said: Wait… what?
  3. bloggingforwineandcheese said: Congratulations!!!!
  4. littlelaur said: sooo exciting!!! congrats!!
  5. buildingaladder said: OMG!!!! That’s so exciting!! Congrats!!
  6. lizsotall said: Congrats!!!
  7. betsbets said: Congrats!! So excited for you! Baltimore will miss you!
  8. saraplainandtall said: Woah, exciting!
  9. dembangs said: Congrats! Such a great city.
  10. burnedwater said: congratulations!!
  11. peoniesandcocktails said: What! Where? Details! Drinks with me and Christina immediately upon your arrival??
  12. pizzatoporkpie said: Congrats!