16 4 / 2013

I always try to make myself like baby carrots, because they go well with hummus and they are zero effort. But, that one carrot that tastes like feet totally ruins it for me every time.

Well after some carrot advice from the boyfriend, I bought whole carrots this time and peeled and cut them and GOLLY, they are delicious!

  1. cocktailsandkettlebells said: I just read something that baby carrots are soaked in chlorine or something disgusting like that so you’re probably better off peeling & cutting them yourself anyway!
  2. betsbets said: I just made the same discovery. Baby carrots to me sometimes taste like sweaty fingers. But I loooove full size carrots.
  3. girlwearsmascara said: isn’t it weird how they taste completely different? i’m like, whoa! you are sweet! and crunch! and tasty! why have i been buying those baby things?!
  4. kphi said: I’ve found that carrot chips are better than baby carrots. Maybe it’s because I try to convince myself I’m eating chips?
  5. peoniesandcocktails said: SAME. Rob keeps buying the babies so I have to drop this full size carrot knowledge on him.
  6. freckledog said: Yes but…effort.
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