17 3 / 2011

I have guilt.

Guilt about everything.  Guilt about eating junk food, sleeping in on the weekends, not calling friends and family enough, watching tv instead of reading, not cleaning nearly enough, enjoying alcoholic beverages, buying things, etc.

You get the picture.

Today I’m feeling guilty for two reasons. 

Last night the roomie wanted to watch a movie, but it was alreayd 10p and I had woken up at 6a and was ready to crash. This guilt is silly. I’m rational enough to know this; but, it still lingers.

The second pang of guilt comes from determing today a ‘rest’ day, aka no gym. For some reason I feel guiltier about using my weekly rest day on a week day. I know my legs need the rest to get in a 9-mi run tomorrow, but yet again… still guilt-ridden.

  1. spoonfulofvigor said: I hear you. Recovering Catholic right here :)
  2. imnotthatkindofgirl said: sometimes I wish I had the Catholic Guilt. I feel as though I wouldn’t be quite so lazy and would actually get shit done. Grass is greener?
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